5 Uses of Numbing Cream for Skin That Might Surprise You

Numbing cream can be used to treat any kind of skin-related problem. Numbing creams are also referred to as topical anaesthetics or pain-relieving creams.

Common Uses of Numbing Cream for Skin

  • The most common usage of numbing cream is to reduce the pain caused by insect bites, sunburn, rashes, and dermatitis. Other uses of numbing cream include treatment for haemorrhoids and genital itching caused by yeast infections. Some people also use it to treat migraines and cluster headaches.

It is important to read the label before using a topical anaesthetic cream. The label should provide information about the product and directions for proper use. If you have any doubt, consult your doctor before applying it to your skin.

  • Numbing cream for skin is a product that many women use when trying to get their eyebrows waxed or threaded. It can also be used on any area of the body that needs to be numbed before having a cosmetic procedure done such as laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, and facials.


  • Treating acne is another common reason people use numbing cream for skin. Acne can cause a lot of pain and discomfort while it’s being treated, so applying this cream before treatment can help you feel more relaxed.

You should carefully follow your dermatologist’s instructions when using numbing cream for skin treatments because you may need to apply the cream several times before seeing results. The product should be applied at least 24 hours before your appointment to allow it to work effectively on your skin. It should not be applied over any cuts or abrasions because it can delay healing and increase your risk of infection.

  • The cream is also used by athletes to numb skin before they get into contact sports or before they get into any potentially painful situation as well. It can prevent injuries from happening while performing certain tasks.


  • Thread veins are dilated clusters of blood vessels in the dermis layer of the skin, close to the surface. Thread veins form as a result of injury to the tiny capillaries in the dermis, most often due to standing for long periods without movement. Treatment for thread veins can be either cosmetic or medical. A numbing cream is an option for people with mild thread veins who simply want them less visible. This type of treatment is also used to prepare the skin before undergoing a more invasive procedure such as sclerotherapy or surgery.


Now that you know common uses of numbing cream for skin, it’s time to get started. Numbing cream should be used at least a half-hour before any procedure so it has enough time to take effect. Apply it liberally throughout the area that is going to be treated. Let the cream set in for a few minutes as you do your hair, pick out clothes, etc. However, it’s important to remember that numbing cream wasn’t designed for long-term healing. If you have an open wound or cut that will require hard work for proper healing, it is best to see a doctor for professional help and advice.

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