Benefits of the Tropoflavin Powder

In this challenging era, we need to be more vigilant and cautious about our well-being. It is essential to have good physical health and a healthy mind. Staying physically active like doing exercise or recreational activities like cycling, hiking and other fun sports are just some ways you can do to be able to achieve optimal health conditions. This pandemic has also brought some problems, fear, and worries to a lot of people that may trigger health problems. It is important to be educated in this era, such as learning what are the things you should do to stay away from danger or how to improve your health condition. Also, you need to be aware of the drugs that will help you cure your health issues.


A healthy mind is the most important of all, as your brain serves as the control center of your body’s function. Keeping it active and healthy should be your everyday goal. Problems are unpredictable and they might ruin your brain activity. Keeping your memory and brain cells well-functioning is important especially for students, teachers, businessmen, or even just a normal person. However, we cannot prevent some problems such as anxiety, sleep disorder, or mood swings. Is there any way we can alter this? The answer will be, yes.


Tropoflavin, the chemical name for 7,8-dihydroxyflavone is a plant-derived molecule-based and studied in animals. In the present time, a human study wasn’t implemented yet and might happen shortly if given a chance. For the recent findings in the study, it was found out that tropoflavin powder has potential good effects on our CNS or Central Nervous System. According to a scientific finding, flavonoids in tropoflavin have antioxidants just like what we get when we eat fruits and vegetables.


Here are the benefits of 7,8-dihydroxyflavone:

  • It imitates BNDF (Brain-derived neurotic factor)- BNDF is responsible for replenishing brain cells and maintaining good functioning of the brain nerves.
  • Protects brain cells- Tropoflavin powder is believed to be a good solution to make healthy brain cells that will improve memory and make you smarter.
  • Memory support – It provides memory support by blocking harmful chemicals in the brain, it makes the brain stronger.
  • Balanced mood- chemicals that affect hormones secreted in the brain that have something to do with the way we feel, commonly known as mood. It improves mood and keeps the mind positive.
  • Preserve brain function – the more we use our brain, the more it became stronger. The use of Tropoflavin powder keeps our mental capacity intact and makes our minds healthy and functioning well.
  • Safe- According to researchers, 7,8-dihydroxyflavone is safe and they say it has mild side effects that are just not threatening to humans.


Tropoflavin powder is still under thorough investigation before it could be released as good for human consumption. Despite the good things it proposes, the benefits should still be proven and have a clear result.  It may have a lot of benefits but we still need to be careful and assure that it will not be a threat to life.

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