How To Conceal Carry Shoulder Holsters

You must choose the right holster for your gun and train with it. Failing to do so can be dangerous for you and the innocent people around you. Therefore, take all possible advantages and risks into consideration before jumping to shoulder holsters. Life doesn’t work the TV way, so read more about the concealed carry of shoulder holsters.


Advantages of shoulder holsters for concealed carry

Shoulder holsters have always been known for their concealment. People prefer to buy them due to this fairly good concealment which can easily fool their enemy. The key advantages of shoulder holsters are listed here.


  • Easy access to firearms: With shoulder holsters, you can reach your weapon in no time. Their positioning is just correct, under your armpit, which comes in handy for a smooth draw. While working or sitting, or even driving, these holsters are pretty easy to draw a gun.


  • Perfect concealment: For hiding your gun, you only have to wear an overcoat or a jacket. Concealment is a big problem with IWB and pocket carry holsters and, if you prefer slimmer clothing, it becomes difficult to hide the weapon. But, with a shoulder holster, you can be completely inconspicuous and trick everyone around you.


  • Extra pockets for extra weapons: You may need extra magazines, extra guns, or extra knives for emergencies. In such cases, shoulder holsters give you the advantage of hidden weapons that come in handy. There are extra pockets in these holsters made as per your request. Utilize them properly and have situational advantages.


  • Work for big weapons too: Even for bigger and long-barrelled weapons such as, machine guns and Uzis, shoulder holsters are the ideal concealment solution. It is easy to hide these big weapons with a thick and big jacket or trench coat. Padded jackets will work fine too.


Things to keep in mind while carrying concealed shoulder holsters

If you’re serious about concealed carry and shoulder holsters, you must practice the draw of guns and carry of the holster. Shoulder holsters are placed under your armpit, which makes it easy for the enemy to block your access, and tackle you down, causing some serious accidents. So, avoid going for a physical fight. Also, these holsters are easy to be swapped by anyone close to you, and cause any collision leading to injury. Therefore, go for them only if you’re trained enough and professional.



Just like all other things, for shoulder holsters too, the verdict depends on the situation you’re in. The situation includes your daily life, clothing, work, weapon type, gun type, position (standing or standing), and many other variables. In favorable situations, you may find that your draw from the shoulder holster is successful and swift, with the right stance. However, in some situations, you may not find the right stance and fail at your draw.


Keeping these things in mind, it can be said that if you’re a professional, your concealed shoulder holster carry will stay put and work right.

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