People Are More Likely To See white label ppc On Google

With more prominent placement in the Google SERPs, white label ppc is getting more attention. This makes them easier to see to people who search for things like this. It’s a good thing for both Google and advertisers because users get used to a certain layout and start to ignore ads as time goes on.


The more relevant an ad is, the more likely people are to click on it. This is why it is so important. Relevance and a top spot on the page are a recipe for money for Google and for advertisers who want people to click on their ads and, hopefully, buy their products.



There Are More Images And Product Listings Ads


Ads with images are more visible in the SERPs because people are drawn to them. In particular, this is true for Product Listing Ads (PLAs). This means that when you search for something on Google, you’ll see ads with rich images right on top of the page. That’s where your eyes naturally go first since there are usually the most relevant organic results there.


This, of course, makes the results more appealing to people who search for things, especially because people are drawn to images. In the past, marketers have talked about how important it is to use pictures in Facebook posts because research has shown that people are more likely to click on posts with images than those that don’t have images.


For this reason, it makes sense for Google to make image-rich ads more visible. Users may click on paid ads more often than organic results because relevance is still important.



The Organic Results Are Moving Closer To The Fold, So They Are Getting Better


With more ads in the search results, there’s less space for organic results above the fold. Unless they scroll down, many people are only seeing one or two organic results when they search for something.


Because of changes to Google’s algorithm, it’s become more difficult to get good organic rankings for target keywords. This is in line with the trend of more money being spent on white label ppc. The idea of rankings has been mostly thrown out the window with personalized search, though. A person’s search history, social connections, and other activities can make one person’s number one thing a different number for another person.


Ads look better when they are on white backgrounds because they blend in better with the background.


As a result, ads will no longer have a light background that makes them stand out in the search results. They will instead have a white background like everyone else. If they are paid for, they will, however, be marked with an orange “ad” image tag that shows whether the listing is organic or paid for. As a result, users are less likely to pass over the colored-background ads because they’re ads.


Again, this is a change that hasn’t been made across the board. You’ll still see some ads with cream-colored backgrounds if you search a few times. You’ll see PLAs in the upper right corner, and you’ll also see PLAs that blend in with the white background. For now, searchers won’t be able to tell the difference between ads and organic listings because it isn’t predictable.

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