The Advantages of Having A Cat Tower

A cat tree is not just luxurious to cat owners; it is also a beneficial tool to indoor spaces. Humans survive in a flat environment, whereas cats live in a steep one, relying on elevated areas for safeness, warmth, activity, and entertainment. If you have ever had to remove your cat from the top of the fridge or a bookcase, you know how much she enjoys being in the highest spot in the room.


Cat Trees Can Help To Preserve Peace

Vertical territory can assist in maintaining peace in a multi-cat environment because the higher-ranking cat can claim the highest position as a status symbol. When two cats would ordinarily engage in a physical encounter, the availability of having an elevated perch allows the higher-ranking cat to assert her dominance by getting up there instead of having a fight physically. When you have more than one cat, a cat tower can be a helpful approach to keep things in order.


Timid Cats’ Protection

A cat tree can provide a place of refuge for a scared or timid cat, allowing her to remain somewhat out in the open but maintaining a sense of protection. She can better perceive her surroundings and has a longer visual warning time of any approaching opponent while she’s on a high perch. A shy cat may find comfort and relief in a cat tree, and instead of fleeing under a bed or behind the furniture, she may choose to stay in the room more regularly. A sofa or chair may lack foreign scents, so cat tower becomes her absolute space.


Cat Trees Make Sharing Simple

A multi-perched tree allows multiple cats to share a small area while keeping the pecking order intact. Two or three cats in the house who would not typically share a window ledge peacefully can each take a spot to enjoy observing the birds outside. Each cat keeps its posture and is at ease when they are close to one another.


 Looking for A Cat Tree

Keep the size and personality of your cat in mind while selecting a cat tree. If you have a large cat, avoid trees with short, flat perches since your cat will be hanging over the perch, making her feel exposed to attack. Select a tree with an appropriate amount of perches. The shape of a “U” is ideal because the cat can lean on the side. When cats feel they have their backs against something, they generally feel safer.

A cat tree can also serve multiple purposes for your cat. The support posts can be used as scratching posts while also being a great place to perch. Cat trees with sisal wrapping the poles (cats adore sisal) or even bare wood are available. You can bind the carpeted support poles in rope to give your cat additional scratching alternatives if you have a tree with carpeted support poles. Just make sure the rope was not in any way interfered with.

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