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The Definitive Guide to Selling Your House in California

Real estate in California is a hot commodity. The housing market is booming, but many factors to consider when buying or selling your house. If you want the best advice on how to sell your home in California, then this post will help!

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Number #1: The first one to consider is location. It does not matter how beautiful a house is if it isn’t located in a good neighbourhood.

If you have the luxury of choosing your site, then be sure that you are considering schools and parks nearby and shopping centres or grocery stores close by for convenience sake. You never know who might ask about this when trying to sell their own home one day!

Number #2: Next up would be curb appeal; people want homes with great paint jobs, clean lawns and working roofing materials because those things make them feel safe and secure within their home.

They do not like buying into problems they can see from the street, so keep everything tidy and presentable at all times!

Number #3: After that comes appliances – How old (and ugly) are they? Replacing them could be a great investment, and you will likely get back what you paid for it at the time of sale. If something is old, then upgrade or replace it!

You can always sell appliances that aren’t working on Craigslist to make some extra cash as well.

Number #4: Don’t forget about having your home professionally cleaned, though. You want to present it at its best so that the first impression is a lasting one!

If you don’t have time or money for something like this, then consider renting out professional cleaning equipment and supplies instead of buying them because they’re much cheaper when used sparingly.

 Number #5: When you’re ready to sell your house in California, be sure that you are asking for more than the average home price. The market is so high right now that it may take some time to find someone who’s looking for exactly what they want and can afford at this point.

However, if you ask too little, then chances are people will think there was an error made while posting or printing out ads because nobody else would possibly do that!

Number #6: Every buyer will expect some wear and tear, but if everything seems too good to be true, then keep that in mind as well; sometimes people never move all their belongings into a house even after promising themselves that they would do it right away!

Great curb appeal can make up for other things, however, so work on making sure yours looks spectacular before trying to sell anything else around it (like appliances or paint jobs).

 Number #7: Finally, think about how much work would go into selling your home out from underneath you before deciding whether or not to put in new floors or other cosmetic upgrades because those things might come with an added price tag later down the road when trying to sell your house quickly.

It’s better to leave everything alone unless necessary because too many changes might deter buyers who don’t want the hassle of breaking their backs while moving all over again!


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when trying to sell your house in California.

Location, curb appeal, appliances, and more must be considered before attempting to sell your home in California, but if you do it right the first time around, you will have no problems finding a buyer.


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