Tips for draining the fuel tank cleanly and safely

You don’t have to take unnecessary chances as you drain your fuel tank. It is possible to drain the fuel tank for any reason other than wrong fuel, say the experts at wrong fuel sosWhen there is wrong fuel in the tank, it is the main reason and the most justifiable reason for having to drain the engine of all the fuel, but not the only one.

Years back, wrong fuel meant that it was old fuel. It did mean that there was water contamination in the fuel. Any fuel which contained a lot of debris did qualify to be referred to as wrong fuel. Nowadays, the wrong fuel term refers to the fuel at the term wrong fuel is all about the fuel which you accidentally pump in the wrong car type or the engine. Examples are:

  • When you pump petrol in the car running on diesel
  • When you pump diesel in a car which runs on petrol

It doesn’t matter the way you end up with the wrong fuel in your fuel tank, your duty is to find the best way of draining it out before the situation worsens. You can go ahead and drain the fuel in certain cases. But it will be best if you ensure that the task is performed by professionals who know what they are doing.

You should call the experts in the wrong fuel sector to drain all of it because they have the required equipment, experience, and training required to do the work cleanly and safely. The good thing is that you don’t have to risk your health or the life of your car while doing the draining of all the bad, wrong, or contaminated fuel.

The reason why you have to drain the fuel out of the car are several. An example is that you could want to drain it if your car has been sitting idly for months without driving it. When it happens like that, you will have to drain the fuel as well as replace it especially if you have the intention of continuing to use the car.

Fuel does go bad when allowed to remain in the vehicle that you don’t drive for 6 months to about one year. The car requires fresh fuel to be able to run smoothly. Currently, the fuel is known to degrade faster as compared to before, and it is a wrong idea to leave it in the tank without having to take the car out.

Picking the right fuel siphon

Fuel siphoning has greatly changed from what it used to be years ago. It doesn’t have to conjure images that are scared of someone putting pipes in the mouth before having to place the other end in the fuel tank and suck it out. The fuel is known to be combustible. Thus, you don’t have to be reckless. There are certain methods of fuel siphoning that are not safe or clean.

Anything is capable of sparking fire once it is in contact with the fuel. To spill fuel all over the place because of the tube siphon that is used might lead to various problems. Thus, utilize the right manual for a pump that is approved combustible fuel.

Before you use the method of draining fuel, check that you have the below tools:

  • Shop rag
  • Syphon hand pump
  • Can for fuel storage

A thing long screwdriver

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