Why the Use of Blue Meanie should be Allowed

Though we can’t deny that some serious events are caused by the abuse of blue meanie magic mushrooms, we cannot also deny the fact that if used responsively, this can also save lives. So, it is just a matter of using this supposed to be a miracle plant in a responsible manner.


That is right and the fungi itself should not be blamed for the carelessness of the users. The thing is, almost everything if abused will not lead to something good. This should not prevent those who aim to enjoy the benefits of the wonder plant.


But because there are so many abusers on this earth, this very controversial plant takes too long to be legalized. However, this is already legal in Canada, and in fact, you can nowenjoy this plant in this part of the globe. You just wish that time will come for this to be available in other countries as well.


Instead of their fight, here are some of their reasons why the magic mushrooms are actually not harmful:


Far from being a gateway drug


According to some, the use of blue meanie is a portal to something dangerous. However, according to a 12-year university, this is not the case really and in fact, it is far from such an assumption. Yes, as mentioned above, this will always depend on the user and not because of the plat itself.


Good for the lungs


This is the result of research done by the American Medical Association. They claim that using this plant can actually increase lung airflow and thus increase its capacity. This is just quite timely at this time considering that it is our lungs that are always targeted by the virus.


The aid of cancer-related distress


We all know how scary cancer is and until now, the cure for it is quite hard. This miraculous plant though is said to slow down the growth of any cancer and that is due to its components. It is said that cancer-related mental distress can be addressed by magic mushrooms. This can somehow relax the mind of one who is suffering from this dreaded disease.


Aid of chemo


For those who are already in chemo as part of cancer treatment, this plant can be their ally. It is already a well-known fact that chemo can be too hard on a patient. However, with the aid of magic mushrooms, his discomforts will be at least minimized.


Yes, magic mushrooms might be known to cause problems, but a lot of health professionals claim that such is not the case really. So, whether they will be able to convince those people in power or not, that is just a thing we have to watch out for.


If you have not tried using magic mushrooms yet, it is best to do some research first so you will know beforehand what to expect. Note that this can alter your moods and mindset temporarily.

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