Your ideal pajamas

Good rest not only depends on a good mattress and a comfortable pillow, but also on what we wear to sleep. That is, of the clothes we choose to spend those 7 or 8 hours under the sheets.

And, without a doubt, a good fabric -for example- brings us closer to a restful sleep than a rustic or rough one that makes us uncomfortable. So, if you want your rest experience to be unmatched, we share with you the 4 qualities that you should take into account when finding and choosing the perfect pajamas

What you should know

  • Fabric: It is best to choose pajamas made with 100% cotton, which manages to be simultaneously warm in winter and cool in summer. Although there are some Silk Pajamas that are very soft, but that do not adapt to all styles or tastes.
  • Cut: If you have no idea which style you would feel better with, we recommend opting for the classic cut consisting of a buttoned shirt and straight trousers of the same fabric. There are all colors, some more fitted than others, but never! Never! they fail for a pleasant and comfortable nap.
  • Luxury: Like everything in fashion, there are options for all budgets. Now, if you are looking for something unique and with the best materials, we tell you that the brand that leads the pajama market is the Londoner Derek Rose, which offers prints, fabrics and cuts for all tastes.
  • Accessories: Without a doubt, a person who values ​​the moment of rest should combine their pajamas with socks, a bathrobe and some stylish loafers. Ideally, look for those made with cotton and that are in colors that match the pajamas. Of course, do not overdo it and use only what you think is necessary to enjoy the moment of rest.

How can this trend of wearing pajamas be adapted to these moments of quarantine?

This trend is ideal for these times: it can be adapted in several ways. What we propose, for example, is to wear the classic silk pajama with pants and jacket or cotton with a shirt or sweater underneath; another option could be an oversize sweater on top, for a work video call or to go out on the street

Consequences of wearing pajamas all day

Clearly, everything that is used or done in excess has negative effects, even the daily use of pajamas 24 hours a day has clear consequences which have already been described by agencies that are in charge of investigating these facts. This is how the American Academy of Dermatology comments that we humans discard 30-40 thousand dead skin cells every day, which can be accompanied by microorganisms which can be potentially pathogenic for humans, so they are Wearing such clothes all day increases the contact time with said pathogenic microorganisms, so it is important for those who love to be in pajamas all day to avoid wearing pajamas all day, and to always maintain a good state of personal hygiene and clothing clearly.

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